Saturday, 28 January 2012


i have calmed myself, relaxed and now am pushing on with some exciting projects in the pipeline, as i sit and listen to my spirit energy humming around me the fear ive had has washed off. My mind has quietend  i listen and observe my thought selectively bursting stodgy overloaded and unneeded ones, reading a book i can see not only the words on the page crisp clear and brilliantly in contrast to the delicate pages but the images these marks are playing out and dancing between the reality infront of me and the one in my head, i rose this morning and was still, ideas didnt force themselves into me loaded with fraught and frustration self denial. sunlight played, falling and mediating on the shelves and window pane, the black cherry trees outside stood firm and solid dark and dank, a most serious tree in winter. My bedroom tidy and in order, my desk tidy and in order invited my sketch book and mind to flow. these are some of the images that i came across today that made me smile. 

Thursday, 26 January 2012

only paint when you can feel feel that storm of passion and purpose passing through, and that idea,
sea-fast held together, tight, streamlined and gleaming in off the possibilites and chance.

ive been in a state of shallow daze for three months. But now this energy to make and create has pulled out again and is pushing harder, harder against my hand to do as it will but into what form and how? No idea can come with this seething broiling foam filling my being, i know why i have tonsillitis right now its because i have it all to say but dont have the mode to articulate it.