Friday, 30 December 2011

Saturday, 24 December 2011

sunsets and invalids.

Dorothy carrington describing a sunset in Corsica ni 1948 
THe sun was sinking as i toiled up the pinnacle….And now all this world was being flooded with golden light, a light so laden with glittering particles that i felt it must surly lie heavy in my hand. Yet not a mist, confusing outlines; on the contrary, its action was to clarify… the Maquis, which all day long had looked tediously uniform, was now fragmented into gleaming turfs of vegetation growing from wells of shade; bushes assumed the dignity of forest trees. Colours too, were transformed: grey rock turned pink and orange, slashed with deep sea blue; the stately peaks….soared, crimson between vertical violet chasms. All that was normally dull and indefinite had become sharp, brilliant and solid: the change was not only colour but of consistency

Saturday, 17 December 2011

future steps. broken by one and a half

washed up tangled fishing net, broke rusted and seaweed strewn. cold sand between finger tips and a past hail storm now enbatteld with the suns rays, i have returned home to the island.  The concrete drone substituted for the winds and finally, a reduction in distraction.  The noise in my head to has subsided the million and one imperiously important things i need to do has fallen to just 3. Questions asked in darker shades of night washed out from under covers, anxiously trying to be patient with myself as i look for a new grain to anchor to and mould a new body of work from, my cat max patently sits on my lap quietly purring whilst my cup of tea sits waiting. An incredible idea hurts, its painful to impregnate with a seed and at the moment i feel like i have over ploughed my mind guilt tripping it into sharing even a hint of whats to come next. I think this move back home will help, i hope. what am i interested in, introspective or extrospective. So often it is worrying about both.

Pick up on a particular event relate to childhood, find a visual explanation in a story a tale or myth, depict it in a contemporary or traditional manner. Be clever use irony.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

emma shoard life drawing

Emma Shoards beautiful drawing.

wonderful new friend

I met Hrvoje Majer at the Other Art fair and a few ngihts ago was invited over for dinner at his amazing studio, we chatted for hours it seemed. a great evening thankyou Hrvoje.

Bird of Prey Flying high Flying high am i going to die

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

sunny and Kai

when is the next show, i went to the flower show and it blew my mind up.



Monday, 5 December 2011

10 ten ..........

you can be my hero baby.

Emma Kemp 

Gina Parr

and more later.


After the success of the opening night me and Eleanor Barreau have been invited back to help host a late night opening in conjunction with NottingHills christmas shopping late night openings, all in all 40 boutiques and shops will open their doors offering drinks and food and i even think their will be personal shopping tours going up and down. Everybody is invited and is a perfect opportunity to come and view the work again away from a gallery type environment, from 5pm his Thursday the 8th.
NARCISS boutique 185 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill W11 2SB, London, UK 

back log, form.

Hannah Simpson. Lake district, force 8 winds and repeated conversation

in the last three days i have found myself bringing up the Lake District in conversation a number of times, to dave it was sharing experiences of setting out to explore with dads with Elevine it was the magical beauty and so on. the lake district is a childhood setting for some of my greatest achievements..first ten mile walk...highest mountain....coldest fighting stick found...first time i sat in a pub and sank pints with locals. this morning i woke up thinking of lake windermere with its grey green surface and mysterious atmosphere then i remembered my friend and incredibly talented illustrator Hannah Simpson had brought back drawings that she had made whilst their which communicate far better than any photoshopped picture the immensity of the place you can find her here at

and i find you retuned to your stool, elbow on hand whisky dripping off your chin.. and it was like you had never left.

i got my blog back this morning and its been reason to stay in bed, propped up in the corner of a dark room hiding from a condensed grey daylight, i digress. Blogspot realising the truth have apologized and its all gravy!!!

first of all with the blog going down i couldn't cover the Other Art Fair, which was an awesome weekend of letting the world know about me, i met loads of quite incredible people including all the guys that worked their and bought work too, ive got to do a big shout to all the, come on they were all mind blowing...i will post my 10 favorite pieces later this morning. The highlight other than all the meeting seeing and experience sharing was made in the pub, on the friday we hit the pub it was packed with artists an organizers and man it felt special to be surrounded by such an incredible group of people.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Orange County, the london bounty.

December 21, 2011 – January 12, 2012

 This December, an intrepid group of emerging Contemporary British Artists from London’s Debut Contemporary exhibit in LA at The Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (OCCCA) – known to present cutting-edge artwork since 1980.
The roster of artists reads like a who’s who of the young, UK art scene with involvement from Rosie EmersonTahnee Lonsdale and Agnetha Sjogren, amongst others. The incredibly talented artists have a wide number of achievements amongst them including Nicola Anthony who has received exhibition sponsorship from Tate Britain, had pieces shown at Tate Modern; Tinsel Edwards who has both Saatchi and Banksy as collectors of her work; and Rosie Emerson who recently exhibited at The Southbank Centre as part of The Women of The World Festival, Somerset House, as well as being featured in Vogue.
Selected by OCCCA Executive Directors and Curators, the flavour is undeniably British. It centres around the culture and vibrancy of the London and LA scenes, with works such as ‘Benji’ by Victoria Heald which references a pose taken from Antonioni’s iconic 1966 film ‘Blow-Up’ – the epitome of 1960s ‘Swinging London’.
Perhaps the most exciting thing about this collective is that in our climate of limited art funding, the artists have taken it upon themselves to promote and raise the profile of the London Art scene overseas. They are working collaboratively to come up with creative solutions, opposing the diminution of diversity in art, and extending the reach of UK arts: Fundraising to get as many of the talented artists to LA as possible, to be true ambassadors of the London art scene. They are empowering themselves to create their own opportunities. Find out more on their fundraising platform and Etsy art shop.
The Debut Contemporary artists were invited to show at OCCCA – having been discovered by their Head of Outreach,Joella March at a unique alternative LA Art Fair which they were showcased at during September 2011, alongside some of LA’s leading artists, curators and art industry heavyweights. During September, the artists attracted attention from the likes of LACE of Hollywood Boulevard and MOCA amongst other galleries from the buzzing Los Angeles art scene.
Samir Ceric, Director of London’s Debut Contemporary notes passionately, “I feel this is just the beginning of a very exciting project which has come out of this unique way of collaborating between Debut Artists and art professionals in the industry… One of Debut’s very important roles is to serve as conduits of information and opportunities between the Debut collective and community and the art world at large.”

Monday, 14 November 2011

Sunday, 13 November 2011

L.A Calling!!

i have two fantastic pieces of news both relating to iminate shows coming up!! firstly i feel tremendously grateful to have been chosen to exhibit my latest body of work at 'The Other Art Fair' Situated in the fabulous Bargehouse building next to the Oxo tower on Southbank. I will be exhibiting alongside some of the most brilliant creatives in the United kingdom after having my work judged by Charming Baker, D.r Anthony Downey, Sophie Hastings, Geodfrey Worsdale and the Marvellous Graham Fink. SWEEET! Secondly, in association with the all knowing all seeing all loving debut contemporary. I will be hopefull hopping along over the big blue ocean looking like david Attenbough at home with a stick insect pet on his shoulder, (happy) to the united states of everything to exhibit at the Orange County Center of Contemporary arts, this is indeed incredibly exciting i have chewed my hands off in nervousness and now employing small batch of Dickens style orphans to write this, hmmm dictations.. i digress THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART __ HEY YOU!!-- check out our uber campaign to get us out to Orange County in the US OF A for our upcoming museum show at OCCCA, please donate what you can, amazing pieces of works up for grabs too. INDYGOGO - LONDON CALLING

Thursday, 3 November 2011

NARCISS, private view.

The opening of NARCISS's young designers and artists exhibtion last ngiht was a complete sucess, the shop was completely packed and everyone had a great time i had a fab time, everyone was incredibly receptive to my works which was brill, and i spend the night running between NARCISS and the Debut november preview too. a massive thankyou to everyone at NARCISS for all the hardwork put into making the night happen, the works will be on display for 6 weeks yet so you all have plenty of time to head down and check them out.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


NARCISS Boutique have as part of its emerging designers and artists month chosen me to display work in their shop on Westbourne road in Nottinghill, London The pieces will hang all of this month alongside painter Eleanor Barreau. fabulous stuff.

Friday, 28 October 2011

The Other Art Fair!!

It is with great pleasure and an inormous amout of excitement to announce that i will be exhibiting some of my latest pieces of work at the 'Other Art Fair' at the BargeHouse on Southbank in London between the 24th and 27th of November, i will exhibiting alongside some superbly superior talent. Darren Macpherson, , Twinkle. Tahnee Lonsdale and Chris Edwick.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Sunday, 23 October 2011

finally a final statement!!!

Henry Woods work is inspired out of an acute and intense awareness of the world around him, observations are based on life from the trivial to the profound, informed by themes from the mundane to the heroic. His latest body of work is an introspective look at the transition of change between child and man, exploring the rite of passage that seems to pass in a fleeting moment where a shift occurs in consciousness. The arrival of manhood heralds a new dawn lit by an acceptance of certain responsibilities of ones own life. A set initiation usually marks this period but in contemporary culture it is often over looked. Henrys initiation became a deep anxiety as he struggled to hold onto a childhood that had been rich and fulfilled whilst embroiled in accepting fresh roles. This new space he occupied being neither one nor the other opened up a crack in this metamorphosis, a period reminiscent to a dark night of the soul marked by isolation and a breakdown in communication, in essence walking on solid air. To explore this point of departure and arrival Henry consciously uses discarded materials owing to their loss and vacuum of meaning and purpose infinitely set in limbo to create figurative sculpture which stitches together this moment in time, sitting in a space that occupies neither one nor the other but both. The figures are primitive and saturated in childish endeavor most notably the exaggerated limbs and naive hands. The technique used to connect the pieces by simply pegging invites limbs to be moved and the figures to be mentally played with like toys, in essence these sculptures can be seen as playthings an idea is that their definition changes depending on who views them, adult or child. Embracing this idea of movement and play layers the sculpture with a certain conspicuous mischievousness. They are reaching out to the plastic playthings of his childhood wrestlers, teenage ninja mutant turtles and Ghostbusters now reinterpreted in a nostalgic natural primacy. The acceptance of Manhood occupies this space too, the faces are left blank carved to be simple and contemplative. The positioning and stances bestowed on the sculpture is consciously manipulated to be reflective of this period, projecting subtle emotive nuances layers a sophistication through the works as they each occupy their solitary islands, waiting.


Satellite, as we play out our lives on earth there are journeys of epic proportions silently being undertaken again and again repetitively taking the same route over and over, with the greatest views thousands of satellites make an endless pilgrimage around the earth, this act of quiet contemplation inspired me to work with just a pencil to create these images of the journeys these space nomads take around the earth , the actual process was fundamental as I was taking a journey like the satellites around a fixed point repetitively marking the paper to create a route.