Saturday, 24 December 2011

sunsets and invalids.

Dorothy carrington describing a sunset in Corsica ni 1948 
THe sun was sinking as i toiled up the pinnacle….And now all this world was being flooded with golden light, a light so laden with glittering particles that i felt it must surly lie heavy in my hand. Yet not a mist, confusing outlines; on the contrary, its action was to clarify… the Maquis, which all day long had looked tediously uniform, was now fragmented into gleaming turfs of vegetation growing from wells of shade; bushes assumed the dignity of forest trees. Colours too, were transformed: grey rock turned pink and orange, slashed with deep sea blue; the stately peaks….soared, crimson between vertical violet chasms. All that was normally dull and indefinite had become sharp, brilliant and solid: the change was not only colour but of consistency

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