Monday, 5 December 2011

and i find you retuned to your stool, elbow on hand whisky dripping off your chin.. and it was like you had never left.

i got my blog back this morning and its been reason to stay in bed, propped up in the corner of a dark room hiding from a condensed grey daylight, i digress. Blogspot realising the truth have apologized and its all gravy!!!

first of all with the blog going down i couldn't cover the Other Art Fair, which was an awesome weekend of letting the world know about me, i met loads of quite incredible people including all the guys that worked their and bought work too, ive got to do a big shout to all the, come on they were all mind blowing...i will post my 10 favorite pieces later this morning. The highlight other than all the meeting seeing and experience sharing was made in the pub, on the friday we hit the pub it was packed with artists an organizers and man it felt special to be surrounded by such an incredible group of people.

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