Saturday, 17 December 2011

future steps. broken by one and a half

washed up tangled fishing net, broke rusted and seaweed strewn. cold sand between finger tips and a past hail storm now enbatteld with the suns rays, i have returned home to the island.  The concrete drone substituted for the winds and finally, a reduction in distraction.  The noise in my head to has subsided the million and one imperiously important things i need to do has fallen to just 3. Questions asked in darker shades of night washed out from under covers, anxiously trying to be patient with myself as i look for a new grain to anchor to and mould a new body of work from, my cat max patently sits on my lap quietly purring whilst my cup of tea sits waiting. An incredible idea hurts, its painful to impregnate with a seed and at the moment i feel like i have over ploughed my mind guilt tripping it into sharing even a hint of whats to come next. I think this move back home will help, i hope. what am i interested in, introspective or extrospective. So often it is worrying about both.

Pick up on a particular event relate to childhood, find a visual explanation in a story a tale or myth, depict it in a contemporary or traditional manner. Be clever use irony.

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