Monday, 19 September 2011

Margret Mellis.

i covered Mellis in my disseration and thought it was be good to post an excerpt from it, shes one of my favourite artists and a massive influence. Her way of working endorsed an almost buddist approach to creating, as she exherted a certain unconcious creative control and nothing more letting her materials explore their own forms and colours ‘‘working soley on Colour as affired and amended by form and structure, she produced relief sculptures of wit an verve’’ (Collins 2009) she would be often found combing the surrounding beaches near her house for any wood that had seeminglessy ended its long voyoage in the oceans to start a new one reserected as an active participant in a callabertation between mellis and the forces of nature. The assemblages ‘ Have no framing edge but are nethertheless hung to a wall as stable, if irregular assemblages....The broken or charred fragments from boats, oars, rudders or other natural objects have a senuous ruehness of texture and colour that Mellis fully exploits. It seems as though her process of creation is through play an active participation of finding and feeling what works, these objects or gifts from the sea come to her with their own stories and histories but are transformed in the processes she applies as Roger Deakin (2007) explains ‘‘they are a collection of Silent Stories, each piece of driftwood carries its own secret history that begins with the seed of the unknown it came from’’(Deakin 2007. p186).

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