Tuesday, 6 September 2011


this summer i spent two weeks playing hardcore wood carpenter with the incredible and indestructible Robots crew. i have been part of Robots for a while now helping out at the BlackLight exhibition in Putney last January. While half the crew split to Ecuador to realise dreams of giant Sloths 6 of us headed down to Huntingdon, Cambridge to manifest for the Secret Garden Party. Arriving two weeks before, we shed blood sweat and tears to produce one of the greatest artistic accomplishments ive ever been apart of. Based on images of manga and particularly influenced by the incredibly inventively creatively colourful architecture and aesthetic of Treasure Town, the setting for Tekkonkinkreet and merged with ideas and images of cloud city from star wars our great monolithic wooden planet, a shanty oasis hovered over 15 feet in the sky and was covered in great buildings and other evidence of a great civilisation. With two great arms protruding out the planet became an entity a living breathing spirit watching over the festival, a symbol of the festivals ''do it yourself'' attitude. The whole piece was produced onsite with wood that was found nearby, all of it waste.

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