Sunday, 18 September 2011

notes taken from note book dated 13th of September 2011

The Royal Naval College, Greenwich. Underneath the great london planes that stand aside the path. Long live the trees silent and sturdy. Sentinels rooted in a deep loyalty to all those in their presence even those in presence who have lost or forgotten the ability to realise their presence. The trees tower above, cant you see? Ever in conversation with those who have time to speak from a state of soul bound connection to the immediate environment, those who accept presence are honoured and in awe of such gentle and wondrous beings, bringing forward and realising a deeper sense of respect for the trees we walk under. They bring nothing but joy to us is this not spirit experienced when we receive the dappled and cooled sunlight through their green and plentiful boughs not but pleasure and the sense of peace we attain from standing underneath allowing ourselves to be wrapped in their natural majesty a feeling of security and homeliness. I share the ground with trees both of our life blood is deep rooted. we are both nurtured by the essence and energies of our ancestors.

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